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Octopus Filmed in Robin Hood's Bay

Octopus Filmed in Robin Hood's Bay

Published by Matthew Pells at 8:33am 30th November 2019.

The diversity of the Yorkshire Coast's marine life has been highlighted once more, as a local woman caught this video of an Octopus on the beach at Robin Hood's Bay.

Claire Freeman filmed the creature on the beach on Friday Morning and posted the video on Twitter.

The UK population of Octopus are generally found in the slightly warmer waters to the south and west of the British Isles.

According to

When searching for food the common octopus will use its legs to walk along the seabed where it will look for crustaceans and shellfish. The common octopus can pull the shells of these creatures apart with their powerful arms, but they have a much more efficient way of achieving the same result. They grasp the shells in their arms and a toothed cartilage-based protrusion is poked out of their mouths and used to drill into the shells. The common octopus can also secrete a form of poison which breaks down the muscles and flesh structure of the prey and makes it easier for the octopus to force its way into shells. Fish may also be taken if they can be caught, and will certainly be eaten if they are found dead or dying on the seabed. The common octopus can themselves become prey for larger species such as sharks, cod and bass. The main defences of the common octopus is camouflage, aided by its colour changing abilities. However, if this does not work the common octopus can swim away from danger surprisingly fast using their jet-propulsion method, and can emit clouds of black ink which disorient and confuse predators.


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