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Scarborough Buses Damaged By Thrown Objects

Scarborough Buses Damaged By Thrown Objects

Published by Karen Liu at 9:32am 25th November 2019. (Updated at 10:39am 25th November 2019)

Two new buses in Scarborough have been damaged after objects were thrown at them.

Ben Gilligan, Area Director for East Yorkshire Buses, said:

"Regrettably two of our new buses on our Scarborough Sevens service had to be taken out of service last night due to objects being thrown at the windows.

Thankfully our driver and customers were uninjured however this could have been a very serious incident. 

We diverted the buses away from Holme Hill for the rest of the evening in order to avoid further risk of incidents and to ensure the safety of our driving colleagues and customers. 

We have obtained CCTV footage and have shared this with North Yorkshire Police.

We are very keen to work with the local community in Eastfield to ensure that the perpetrators are caught and prosecuted and that they do not face further disruption to their important bus service. 

Thankfully incidents like this are very rare but we take them very seriously and will not accept our hard working drivers and customers who rely on our services to face danger like this." 




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Fileyman, on 25th November 2019 2:22pm
Mindless idiots who think it's just a big game.

And if and when they are caught you can bet your bottom dollar that the parents will say "It can't be my little hero, he never does anything wrong"
Whitbyman, on 25th November 2019 2:50pm
Agree with everything you say , one thing that’s always puzzled me is why bus windows are not tougher to withstand this type of thing , it’s not as if this is something new , it goes back decades all over the uk , not just Scarborough, whilst morons cannot be completely catered for, this seems a fairly regular occurrence sadly and surely manufacturing of buses could include windows which are shatter proof ?

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