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Units For Lease in Scarborough's North Bay Development

Units For Lease in Scarborough's North Bay Development

Published by Matthew Pells at 9:04am 23rd November 2019.

Commercial units in Scarborough's proposed North Bay Cinema complex have been advertised for lease.

Nottingham based property company HEB Property Consultants have advertised the units on Rightmove, saying they will be available for fit out by tenants in March 2021.

The advertisement lists the development as providing:

"New mixed use leisure scheme units anchored by a pre-let six screen cinema.

Once completed, the scheme will provide:-
Nine ground floor A1 / A2 / A3 / A4 / A5 units ranging in size from 1,500 sq ft up to a max combined space of 6,000 sq ft.
Gymnasium totalling 4,340 sq ft.
Six screen cinema (pre-let).
Sky bar / leisure space totalling 2,780 sq ft plus external roof terrace.
53 apartments. "

Describing the location of the development the company say:

"The development is located at Scarborough's North Bay, which is considered to be the town's primary existing leisure destination, with attractions including the historic Peasholm Park, The Alphamare Waterpark, Scarborough's open air theatre and the Scarborough Sealife Sanctuary.

In addition, over 1,000 car parking spaces are provided within five minutes walk of the site. "

Scarborough cinema plans

The listing says that scheme is anticipated to be handed over for tenants fit-out in early 2021. It does not list rents for the units but says this are available on application.

Last month the Borough Council's planning committee approved a revised application from developers Benchmark Leisure, for the third time. It was first granted permission in 2015.

Following the revised planning approval the Chief Executive of developer Benchmark Leisure, Roland Duce, told Yorkshire Coast Radio that the cinema part of the development could be open by Christmas 2020, saying..

"I would be disappointed if it wasn't open by Christmas [2020], but I'm not promising - and I would be massively disappointed if I wasn't open in 2021 and I can't, at this moment, perceive of any reason why that would be so."

However not everyone shares his optimism with the leader of Scarborough Borough Council, Labour's Steve Siddons saying...

"This cinema is not the best thing in that location in my view, and it should be in the town centre.

But Benchmark has got planning permission for the third time now, and the first two times, they never built it.

So I'd be interested to see what actually happens here, because up until now, they haven't done anything.

Quite recently we declared a climate emergency in this Council; and what we're doing with this cinema, is encouraging people to get in their cars and drive out to the edge of town and go to the cinema.

It makes absolutely more sense to be in the centre where the buses run and where people can use public transport and get to it much more easily.

Personally, I have always said that an out-of-town site is the wrong place, especially for a council declaring a Climate Emergency.

“National planning guidelines say the same.

Council plans for the North Bay are being reviewed. We still anticipate a cinema soon in Scarborough."

Cllr. Heather Phillips, Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group, said:

"The Conservative Group on Scarborough Borough Council wish to express their surprise at the comments made by the current Leader of SBC regarding the North Bay Cinema scheme.

It would have been anticipated that he would support the decision made at the recent Planning & Development committee, especially when it is chaired by his long term comrade Cllr Eric Broadbent. 

Clearly the 14 members who supported the plan have a better realisation of the benefits of the North Bay site, that or they understand the contractual agreement with Benchmark makes this a very difficult situation to withdraw from. 

As Cllr Siddons surely appreciates with the "Argos" project, major plans can sometimes be hard to deliver without hiccups or delay, especially if the developer is not certain that they will be able to trust their partners at SBC to keep to formal agreements.

Not all big ticket developments in Scarborough can happen in just Castle or Weaponness & Ramshill Wards. 

An all weather attraction such as the cinema will be enjoyed by residents and tourists alike and will be a stepping stone to further development helping to contribute to a vibrant local economy."  


There are 2 comments on this page.

zara, on 23rd November 2019 5:04pm
Shame Councillor Phillips and the rest of the useless council do not consider that there is anywhere else than Scarborough Town that could do with some money spending on them. Do not know what areas outside of the town actually get for all the tax money they pay over.
JOHN BOYLE, on 23rd November 2019 10:33pm
I have lost count of the number of times there has been a promise of a cinema complex.

I will believe it when I see it, only thing I’m expecting to see is yet another re-negotiation In 2022 with a promise of it being built and completed in 2025, subject of course to the builder being allowed to further reduce the facilities and increases the number of apartments to be built.

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