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Police Welcome Yorkshire Coast Speeding Convictions

Police Welcome Yorkshire Coast Speeding Convictions

Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 12:00pm 21st November 2019.

North Yorkshire Police have welcomed two court convictions for motorists caught speeding through Yorkshire Coast villages.

In one case a driver who was recorded traveling at 60mph in a 40mph limit on the A170 at Ebberston, failed to comply with the Conditional Offer of £100 and 3 points. The offence progressed to the courts where the driver was then given 5 points on his licence and ordered to pay £569 in fine and costs.

The North Yorkshire force say that the A170 is

"A high risk route with a high number of serious and fatal accidents where speed is a factor. Our aim is to reduce the speed, making the road safer for all road users."

In a separate case s driver has pleaded guilty to driving at 51mph in a 30mph limit on the A174 in Lythe. The courts disqualified the driver for 14 days and he has been ordered to pay fine and costs totaling £642.

Officers say that on the day this offence was recorded, there were a total of 20 violations with speeds of up to 54mph passing the primary school in Lythe. In a social media post the force say..

"If a child is hit by a vehicle traveling at these speeds, there is a very high chance the child would be killed. The speed limit is 30mph for a reason.! Please #SlowDown and #StaySafe."


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Fileyman, on 21st November 2019 12:29pm
Whilst I don't agree with speeding two things get me thinking.

Read the article and try and decide why the penalties are so different.

And why do we have these prosecutions and then read about how high profile stars get away with even worse offences thanks to highly paid legal eagles.

It's time the laws were standardised.

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