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Scarborough Traffic Signals Questioned

Scarborough Traffic Signals Questioned

Published by Jon Burke at 6:30am 19th November 2019.

We've been asking about traffic signals in and around Scarborough.

It's after questions about whether or not the detectors are working properly.

The 'intelligent' signals are supposed to work respond to the flow of traffic and pedestrian movement.

The council's Assitant Director of Highways and Transportation, Barrie Mason, said:

"Sometimes we do get problems with faulty detection. We carry out regular checks, but sometimes are reliant on people reporting things through to us as well. We do monitor the traffic signals and their operation and if there is a need to, say, amend the timings and those sorts of things, then we can do that as well, using our traffic signal engineers."

Barrie has been talking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Karen Liu..


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Just my opinion, on 19th November 2019 7:29am
I agree there are certain junctions that do need lights but Scarborough has too many traffic lights, they bring this town to a stand still, they are poorly timed which result in slow moving traffic. Surely stationary /slow moving traffic is more polluting than traffic that moves freely.
JohnfromScarborough, on 19th November 2019 2:33pm
We must not forget that one of the purposes of traffic lights is to allow pedestrians to cross safely. If there is too long a wait before the green man appears then risks will be taken by impatient pedestrians.
Just my opinion, on 19th November 2019 6:43pm
Maybe rather than traffic lights for pedestrians crossings we have zebra crossings.

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