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Scarborough's New Train Depot to Open in December

Scarborough's New Train Depot to Open in December

Published by Matthew Pells at 6:01am 18th November 2019. (Updated at 9:43am 18th November 2019)

The New Scarborough Train Servicing depot will begin full operation next month.

From the 16th December, once the timetable changes, the depot will service two Transpennine NOVA 3 trains overnight.

There are already two new Nova 3 sets on the Scarborough to Liverpool route. They are currently serviced elsewhere. 

The two new trains will coincide with later arrivals and earlier departures for local travellers. 

The last train to arrive will pull in at around 11:30pm and the first service out of Scarborough will be at 6:00am. 

Nick Sworowski from Transpennine says the depot is a big investment in Scarborough's rail infrastructure.

Scarborough Train Depot

Nick says the idea is to increase the number of seats available on the route from Scarborough to Liverpool

There will be four of the new trains in service in December with more to come in the spring.

Nick says the creation of a depot in Scarborough will allow trains to be prepared in the town overnight and should lead to a more reliable service for passengers.

Nick explains how the trains will get to and from the depot.

Nova 3 Carriage in Scarborough


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JohnfromScarborough, on 18th November 2019 10:45am
Hopefully this will be a step in the right direction to a more reliable and frequent service. Unfortunately I have to point out to Mr Sworowski that he is wrong about the last train. It will actually be several minutes earlier than under the current timetable. Anyone enjoying a Saturday evening out in Leeds for example will need to be at the station 8 minutes earlier than now to get the last train to Scarborough. This is not my idea of progress!

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