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What's Going On at Scarborough Park and Ride?

What's Going On at Scarborough Park and Ride?

Published by Jon Burke at 6:31am 12th November 2019.

We've been asking why the traffic lights at Scarborough's Seamer Road Park and Ride site are still on.

Drivers noticed last week the signals were still operating, even though the facility had closed for the winter.

North Yorkshire County Council says it's sinced fixed that, although they haven't been completely switched off. 

Its Assistant Director for Highways and Transportation, Barrie Mason, said:

"It is something that we should have implemented more quickly, but we have now,

The traffic signals will show green on the main road, but will still turn to red to allow pedestrians to cross, so it will still provide a pedestrian crossing facility and we will monitor the effectiveness of that going forward."


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andyh, on 12th November 2019 9:43am
Well the statement is rubbish. I have left Scarborough this morning and was faced with 6 green lights when only 1 is necessary. In fact 3 of them were green arrows into the closed car park. Someone hasn't sorted it at all.
OlPeculier, on 12th November 2019 10:01am
And whilst we're on about it (and I agree with andyh, they haven't been fixed at all) why are all the lights on in both car parks?
Maria Fairbairn, on 12th November 2019 5:10pm
I’d like to know why none of the signs have been amended to say that it’s closed for the winter? I’ve seen several cars try to drive in to the car park in the last few days - how are people from out of the area supposed to know that it’s closed till next year?

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