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Conservative Council Group Speaks On Scarborough Cinema

Conservative Council Group Speaks On Scarborough Cinema

Published by Karen Liu at 10:23am 11th November 2019.

The Conservative Group on Scarborough Borough Council have spoken on the plans for a North Bay cinema in Scarborough.

It follows comments by the authority's Leader, Steve Siddons, last week.

He said he was not hopeful that a multiplex cinema will be built in the North Bay and reiterated his comments that a cinema should be in the town centre.

Cllr. Heather Phillips, Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group, said:

"The Conservative Group on Scarborough Borough Council wish to express their surprise at the comments made by the current Leader of SBC regarding the North Bay Cinema scheme.

It would have been anticipated that he would support the decision made at the recent Planning & Development committee, especially when it is chaired by his long term comrade Cllr Eric Broadbent.

Clearly the 14 members who supported the plan have a better realisation of the benefits of the North Bay site, that or they understand the contractual agreement with Benchmark makes this a very difficult situation to withdraw from.

As Cllr Siddons surely appreciates with the "Argos" project, major plans can sometimes be hard to deliver without hiccups or delay, especially if the developer is not certain that they will be able to trust their partners at SBC to keep to formal agreements.

Not all big ticket developments in Scarborough can happen in just Castle or Weaponness & Ramshill Wards.

An all weather attraction such as the cinema will be enjoyed by residents and tourists alike and will be a stepping stone to further development helping to contribute to a vibrant local economy."  


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JohnfromScarborough, on 11th November 2019 10:54am
I wonder what this "further development" is which Cllr Phillips has in mind? Does she mean torusist attractions and faciliities or just more flats? Will the public be asked what they would like to see happening?
zara, on 11th November 2019 3:12pm
well she would say all that would'nt she!! They were the group that gave Benchmark the unsecured loan originally and changed the plans the previous times. The whole Benchmark/council relationship should be investigated but it will never happen, just like the DBID process (conservatives again!) Its funny how in this area (probably in a lot of others as well) if you want to build a large housing estate you seem to have no trouble with the council but try getting a private application for one house or extension through!!!!
Fileyman, on 12th November 2019 9:23am
What is the contractual agreement between SBC and Benchmark that is so difficult?

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