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Scarborough Council Leader Doubts Cinema Progress

Scarborough Council Leader Doubts Cinema Progress

Published by Karen Liu with contributions by Local Democracy Reporter Carl Gavaghan at 6:01am 8th November 2019.

Scarborough Borough Council's Leader is not hopeful that a multiplex cinema will be built in the North Bay.

Yesterday, the planning committee at the authority approved a revised application from developers Benchmark Leisure, for the third time.

Councillor Steve Siddons has reiterated his comments that a cinema should in the town centre.

The complex is set to be in the North Bay on the site of the former Atlantis water park.

Councillor Siddons said:

"This cinema is not the best thing in that location in my view, and it should be in the town centre.

But Benchmark has got planning permission for the third time now, and the first two times, they never built it.

So I'd be interested to see what actually happens here, because up until now, they haven't done anything.

Quite recently we declared a climate emergency in this Council; and what we're doing with this cinema, is encouraging people to get in their cars and drive out to the edge of town and go to the cinema.

It makes absolutely more sense to be in the centre where the buses run and where people can use public transport and get to it much more easily.

Personally, I have always said that an out-of-town site is the wrong place, especially for a council declaring a Climate Emergency.

“National planning guidelines say the same.

Council plans for the North Bay are being reviewed. We still anticipate a cinema soon in Scarborough."

Councillor Steve Siddons has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Karen Liu:

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There are 3 comments on this page.

Diddy dave, on 8th November 2019 6:56am
i think even if was built in town centre people would still use cars to get to it at least where it is if happens it will keep cars out of town centre where people abuse parking restrictions and permit paying residents will not have all their spaces taken up
zara, on 8th November 2019 7:30am
what has councillor siddons to say about the £770,000 that the council have let Benchmark off with paying under section 106????? I would be more interested in finding that out than his views on the cinema which i do think is in the wrong place.
JohnfromScarborough, on 11th November 2019 12:34am
Having read the report which went to the Planning Committee I have to say that the decision is wrong on so many counts it is difficult to know where to start. It is acknowledged in the report that the flats are not holiday lets. So there is the possibility of a lot of new permanent residents moving in including families. However no contribution to be paid towards education or play facilties.What about a contribution towards the extra burden on GPs and dentists? Again zero. How weird is that in a town which has a national reputation for a severe shortage of NHS dentists.
The report says that due to the nature of the development it is not practicable to include social housing but it does not say what the problem is. The normal practice when this cannot be done is for the developer to pay a contribution so that this can be provided elsewhere. The figure in this case would be a very useful sum of nearly £600,000 which would provide a fair number of much needed social housing units in this town. Yet this will not happen as the developer has been excused from paying anything at all.

The developer has been let off the hook because they have convinced the Council that otherwise the cinema use will not be viable. Yet as far as I can see there is no legal agreement in place for the cinema to be provided (just like there does not seem to have been anything in place to ensure that once the Council had paid for the Futurist site clearance that Flamingo Land was obliged to carry out a development of the site. )

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