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Whitby Golf Club Unaware of Petition to Save it

Whitby Golf Club Unaware of Petition to Save it

Published by Matthew Pells at 4:14pm 6th November 2019. (Updated at 4:15pm 6th November 2019)

Whitby Golf Club says it was unaware than an online petition had been launched to save it and that it is working with the Borough Council on a new deal that would secure it's future.

The online petition claims that..

"Whitby golf clubs faces losing half of its golf course, with Scarbourgh council wanting to reclaim the land for development.

The club has gone in debt with the debt being owed to the council for rent. "

But a spokesperson for the board of directors of Whitby Golf Club says that the club had no prior knowledge of the petition and that the views expressed are not supported by the majority of members at the club.

“In line with national trends, Whitby Golf Club has struggled financially for a large number of years. Scarborough Borough Council has continued to support the club financially but this has not enabled the longer term financial future of the club.

We had hoped that a private buyer would purchase the land and run the golf operation for members and visitors, but after three years of protracted negotiations this offer was withdrawn. 

Since the summer our board has been working with the council on a new deal that would allow significant investment in the clubhouse and facilities whilst ensuring that the club would be financially secure in the long term. 

We held an extraordinary general meeting in September to present the outline proposal from the council. The members overwhelming voted to accept it and instructed the board of directors to work with the council to develop a final scheme for approval. 

The board of directors had no prior knowledge of the petition currently online or the radio interview given to Yorkshire Coast Radio this morning. The views expressed are not supported by the majority of members at the club.

We will continue to work with the council to develop the long term plan for the future of the club. This will preserve this historic green space and sports facility not only for its members but for all the residents of Whitby.”

A spokesperson for Scarborough Borough Council said:

“We have worked with Whitby Golf Club for many years in a bid to support the club and golf in Whitby in order to try and make it sustainable. Despite the council’s best efforts, unfortunately the club is still struggling to be financially viable. The number of members has dwindled, income has reduced and coupled with the decline in the popularity of golf among some demographics, the club is finding it hard to survive without subsidy.

We are continuing to see how we can help the club and golf in Whitby to continue while at the same time ensuring best value for money for the council tax payer’’. 

We are in discussions with the club about a potential rescue package, which would require the club to produce a business plan setting out how it could be sustainable for the future. One consideration could be to operate as a 9-hole course instead of an 18-hole course although no decisions have yet been made by the club or the council about that option. In the event that the club feels they could make a 9-hole course work financially, we would then look at options for how any remaining land could be best used at that time.”

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