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Planning Decision for Scarborough Cinema

Planning Decision for Scarborough Cinema

Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 6:30am 7th November 2019. (Updated at 9:24am 7th November 2019)

A planning decision will be made this afternoon on the multiplex cinema complex in Scarborough.

The building on the North Bay would include a six-screen cinema, 53 apartments, 5 restaurants and 4 shops - as well as a bar, gym and 59 car parking spaces.

Various applications for the cinema have been made since 2015.

Supporters say it would be good for the local economy.

Borough councillor for Northstead Ward, John Atkinson, is against the idea and has written to the planning committee urging them to reject the application.

He said:

"The building which is being proposed is absolutely not in sympathy at all with the area.

It looks more like a downtown financial centre office block - just glass and concrete.

It's got to be done in sympathy with the castle homes and the castle, the Mascus rocks, the old Monkey Island, Scalby Mills, Hairy Bob's Cave.

Having this glass cuboid here, which is not going to weather very well as the years go by, by the ravages of the North Easterly gales and the sandblasting, it's going to look like a sort of custard-coloured greenhouse, which is falling to bits.

This isn't suitable, we need to reject it."

This is the letter Cllr. Atkinson sent the Committee:

"Planning and Development committee member colleagues,

The planning submission application for the above mentioned development will be discussed next week 07.11.19.

As a north side resident for over 50 years and now as the ward Councillor I recall the long gone unofficial rule of thumb that the Scarborough south side would be commercial and the beauty of the north side would remain untouched.

Although gone it doesn't mean that we should not give future north bay development any special consideration at all.

The design and architecture of this proposal (see attached) does not attempt in any way shape or form to be in sympathy with the local surroundings, the designer has not attempted to include the feel of the of the Castle Holmes, Mascus rocks, Monkey Island, Scalby Mills, Hairy Bobs Cave etc.. into the design.

In fact calling upon my experience as an engineer working within design teams this looks suspiciously like a non-bespoke, cheap, off the shelf design possible used previously for an office block development in a down town city area.

The design of this building is not even in sympathy with its brother Kepwick House next door which itself has a design reminiscent of a Benidorm 2 star hotel, and not to mention the unsuitability of a glass built building facing the North Sea which after being sand blasted for a few winters will look like a custard coloured derelict greenhouse.

Added to the fact that in this latest submission parking has been significantly reduced along with the number of disabled parking spaces.

Members do not allow your arms to be twisted up into your back with the threat of further delay if this is submission is not passed, I urge you to take control by refusing this application for the reasons given above, requesting a more relevant design possibly bringing in a new designer/developer who has the ability to produce a far more suitable and bespoke design in sympathy with the natural beauty of the surroundings of our north bay.

Remember if passed we will be condemned to looking at this slowly deteriorating glass monstrosity for the rest of our lives please - REJECT THIS APPLICATION."




There are 5 comments on this page.

Fileyman, on 7th November 2019 9:53am
I agree we need something, but the parking spaces will just cover the apartments providing nobody has two cars.

Where will customers to the gym and six screen cinema park?.
zara, on 7th November 2019 10:19am
well i will not hold my breath about it being turned down, this council never says no to Benchmark. Pretty stupid place for a cinema, much better site would have been the seamer park and ride site which would have plenty of parking, is on a bus route and is convenient for all the people of the borough. How can you can a large cinema with no real parking????
Paul26, on 7th November 2019 12:42pm
I’m sure there will be enough parking with the old swimming pool car park and the other one at the bottom of the road
zara, on 7th November 2019 2:50pm
until they build on the old swmming pool car park!!
Paul26, on 7th November 2019 9:53pm
What like how they have built on kinderland and marine land ? Like not anytime soon!

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