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Whitby Fracking Campaigner Calls for Full Fracking Ban

Whitby Fracking Campaigner Calls for Full Fracking Ban

Published by Matthew Pells at 9:28am 2nd November 2019.

A Whitby anti-fracking campaigner says the Government ban on fracking in the UK doesn't go far enough.

A new report by the Oil and Gas Authority has found it is not currently possible to accurately predict the likelihood of strength of earthquakes linked to fracking operations.

Off the back of that report the Government has announced a moratorium on all fracking in the UK which it says will remain in place until compelling new evidence shows it is safe.

Eddie Thornton has been actively campaigning against fracking in general and in particular the plans to frack under the North York Moors.

Eddie welcomes today's announcement but says it still falls short of a full ban on fracking.

Eddie thinks there is reason to be cynical about the timing of the announcement..

The moratorium will mean fracking at the Third Energy fracking site near Kirby Misperton wont now be able to progress. The company removed all it's equipment from the site earlier in the year, but had said it hoped to resume work on the site in 2019. Eddie says he now has concerns about who will bare the costs of any decommissioning work.

Andrea Leadsom, minister for business, energy and industrial strategy, said the government had been advised that the size and frequency of seismic tremors could not be predicted using existing scientific tools.

She said:

"We can no longer be certain of the safety of shale gas exploration, and we always want to be led by the science. Therefore we've decided that we cannot take this further at the time being."

The government's moratorium will remain in place until "compelling new evidence shows" it is safe, Ms Leadsom added.


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