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Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre Celebrates Birthday

Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre Celebrates Birthday

Published by Karen Liu at 1:26pm 1st November 2019.

Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre is celebrating its 10th birthday.

The community-run museum on Eastborough will have cake and bottles of wine.

Mark Vesey, Chairman of Scarborough's Maritime Heritage Centre, said:

"To go from literally nothing, to a museum that's won a Queen's Award, and to have all that being done and supported by the community; that's local people who've donated all the artifacts and exhibitions, all the volunteers, that's testimony to the spirit in Scarborough.

I think a lot of people think we're just about maritime, but we're about preserving and promoting the history as a town.

Obviously Scarborough began as a small port in Roman and Viking times, we're the first seaside resort in Britain, we had the cliff lift...

We've got such a special and unique history to tell."


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