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35 Refugees Could be Housed in Scarborough

35 Refugees Could be Housed in Scarborough

Published by Local Democracy Reporter Carl Gavaghan at 3:42pm 14th October 2019.

Scarborough Council could be asked to find homes for around 35 refugees as North Yorkshire’s authorities get set to back a government-led resettlement scheme.

On Friday, the Local Government North Yorkshire and York committee, made up of leaders from the area’s authorities, will be asked to confirm its intention to support the government’s future refugee resettlement scheme from 2020/21, pending final approval from the individual councils.

It would see around 200 people fleeing conflicts in other countries rehomed in the county over the space of four years.

Scarborough Borough Council, along with the county’s six other district councils, would each be allocated an approximate number of people to house.

Scarborough’s has been estimated at 35 people. Harrogate would find homes for 50 people with Hambleton and Selby next with 30 and 29 respectively.

In 2016, Scarborough accepted 36 Syrian refugees fleeing the conflict in their own country as part of another county-wide resettlement program of approximately 200 people.

A report, prepared for Friday’s meeting by Neil Irving, the assistant director for Policy, Partnerships and Communities for North Yorkshire County Council notes that while the previous government scheme focussed on Syria that this time the “geographical focus will be broadened beyond the Middle East and the North Africa region”.

The report adds:  

“District councils would need to ensure that they were able to arrange to provide this supply of housing during their allocated time period.

The county council would need to ensure that the other elements of the resettlement package were also in place.

The schedule of charter flights is likely to be known some time in advance of families arriving, providing an opportunity for housing officers to have early discussions with national, regional and local housing providers to secure their commitment to the project.”

Leader of Scarborough Borough Council, Cllr Steve Siddons, said:

“The important thing to remember is that these refugees are families, often with young children, who are fleeing war zones, they are not economic migrants looking to come over here for work or to claim benefits

These are people who will have been traumatized by the ongoing conflicts we are seeing and are escaping for their safety.

One thing the district councils will be looking for from the Government is a long-term solution to the issue as just asking areas every few years to take more people is not the answer. We can all see from the news that the situation in Syria, where many of these people are from, is not likely to get better any time soon.”

Should the leaders give their verbal backing to the scheme on Friday, Scarborough Council’s participation is likely to be discussed by borough councillors next month, according to the authority’s cabinet forward plan.


There are 5 comments on this page.

MickG, on 14th October 2019 7:17pm
Why should Scarborough Council find homes for 35 refugees who've never paid any taxes in the UK & never contributed to the NHS via national insurance? We have homeless people who should get priority over any refugee/asylum seeker. Put the British people first & let some other country take in these refugees/asylum seekers who are milking our country dry. We are a small island not a dumping ground for free loaders...
Fileyman, on 15th October 2019 9:11am
How can SBC tell us there is a shortage of houses to rent and then tell us they can find property for refugees.

If they need somewhere then stick them in the old main post office that Goodwill said wasn't needed.
Or stick them in the spare office space in the town hall.

You could even give them jobs on the council.
ladybird, on 15th October 2019 2:01pm
Wow at the vitriol. Stick them here, stick them there. :( They are human beings, not pieces of furniture. Nor are they freeloaders. They are fleeing a war zone and have lost everything. I doubt they seriously want to come to our green and septic, racist isle. How about a bit of compassion?
Fileyman, on 15th October 2019 4:28pm
Don't get me wrong.
I do feel sorry for these people but where will it all stop.

We see boat loads of refugees been caught in the Channel trying to get in the UK.
And know we are paying to fly them in, give them housing, give them medical care etc etc.

Just look at how much we have given in aid to other countries, but we cannot afford to staff hospitals.

And look at all the adverts on TV asking for donations for food and water and blankets etc.

Have you never noticed that we only ever see kids who are starving. The parents don't look to be starving.

I know it sounds a bit harsh but we are a very small island struggling to keep going.

There are a lot of much larger countries, what are they doing.
cargodave, on 15th October 2019 7:21pm
I see nothing wrong with this - there's some lovey large houses up scalby way for them.

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