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Have Your Say on Future of Yorkshire Coast Economy

Have Your Say on Future of Yorkshire Coast Economy

Published by Jon Burke at 6:31am 15th October 2019.

The York, North Yorkshire and East Riding (YNYER) Local Enterprise Partnership is today calling for local businesses and the public to help shape its Local Industrial Strategy.

The strategy, which will be submitted to the UK Government later this year, will determine the next 20 years of productivity and growth.

The LEP wants to develop priorities that help address the productivity challenges by recognising the region's distinctive places and propel growth that is good: good for people, good for the planet and good for business.

Chairman of the YNYER LEP, David Kerfoot, said:

"York, North Yorkshire and East Riding is the geographically largest, rural, LEP area in the UK. Our £24bn economy is as robust as it is diverse, with over 48,000, primarily SME businesses.

Our ambition for good growth in distinctive places sees potential in the diversity of our region as home to internationally renowned agricultural landscapes, the North Yorkshire coastline, the city of York as the 'Best Place to Live' in Britain and a large number of distinctive market towns.

We want our Local Industrial Strategy to be built by the region through a ground up, partnership led approach, building regional priorities that every local place can engage with and benefit from.

To achieve this, we are engaging face to face with businesses and partners across the region over the coming weeks as well as welcoming ideas, opinions and feedback through our website and I would encourage as many people as possible to get involved."

Over the summer, the LEP has gathered insight from across the region to develop a series of 'place stories' which are being used to recognise the distinctive challenges and opportunities that local places are facing, in turn helping build regional priorities that will influence good growth for all.

A series of face to face engagement events have been organised by the LEP. They are taking place between October 14 and 17 and will be stimulated by a series of 'think pieces' that highlight the priorities that have emerged from the first phase of engagement.

Following this and the gathering of online views, the LEP will draft its Local Industrial Strategy before seeking further consultation with businesses and partners on the vision before it is submitted to the Government before the end of the year. 

Mr Kerfoot added:

"We recognise we have a diverse population with different viewpoints and what works for large urban centres in other parts of the country will be different to what works across a large rural area such as ours, with York at its heart. Our future has to be place based, and if we want to power up the North of England, we have to get inside the distinctive places that make up a large geography such as ours. 

A collaborative approach is key to ensuring that the Local Industrial Strategy for York, North Yorkshire and East Riding is built on a true reflection of our distinctive places, and that an action focussed strategy based on long lasting priorities is developed that delivers good growth for all.

It's absolutely vital that businesses, partners and stakeholders across our LEP area take an active part in the formation of our Local Industrial Strategy. It's only by hearing direct from local businesses and organisations, about the challenges and opportunities they face, that we can illuminate data and build an action focussed and legitimised strategy. 

We value the voice of business in building a fuller picture of local dynamics and distinctions. Ultimately, businesses will be at the heart of good growth in York, North Yorkshire and East Riding."

For further information, to register to attend the events and to get involved visit:


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TJohn, on 15th October 2019 9:05am
Can we have that in plain English without all the buzzwords?
Fileyman, on 15th October 2019 4:35pm
If they have a 20yrs plan can they tell us which large chainstores will close, which small shops will close, which local pubs will close and of course can they tell me the winning lottery numbers for next year.

I have never read such a load of rubbish.

They must have one hell of a crystal ball.

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