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ASK Italian in Scarborough Wants Glass Roof

ASK Italian in Scarborough Wants Glass Roof

Published by Local Democracy Reporter Carl Gavaghan at 9:27am 9th October 2019.

The “delights of the British weather” has been given as the reason behind a Scarborough seafront business wanting to cover up its outdoor seating area.

ASK Italian in Sandside has applied to the borough council to put a glass structure over its outside tables so that they can be used all year round.

In its proposal, the national chain says the area would have a retractable roof to give those using it the impression of al fresco dining.

Its application states:

“The proposal seeks to offer additional seating for the restaurant that can be used all year round.

Currently, the external seating area is only suitable for use in good weather conditions. The scheme would see a modern structure with glazed sides and a retractable louvre roof system to replace the existing seating and screening to the east side of the restaurant.

The design further benefits the public by including electronic louvres located within the roof. These rotate to an open position during periods of nice weather and to manage the internal temperature.”

The reason behind the application is due to the changing Yorkshire seaside weather, the company said.

It added:

“The site benefits from an outdoor seating area to the side of the existing building. However, this area is subject to the delights of British weather and therefore cannot always be used during times of inclement weather or for much of the winter season.

The proposed extension will enable ASK to expand its service provision and cater for a wider number of customers.

During busy times, it is expected that this increased level of capacity will ensure no customers are turned away.”

The company also has a separate application lodged with Scarborough Borough Council for new signs for the building.

The plans are now out to consultation.


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zara, on 9th October 2019 1:05pm
Do us a favour please stop taking us all for idiots. The weather has always been the same in this area so why apply for outdoor seating originally and now YEARS later decide the weather makes it unusable. They just want to increase the seating all year round, cannot say i am bothered too much one way or the other but stop insulting everyones intelligence by making out the weather has suddenly altered. They should be refused just for that
JohnfromScarborough, on 10th October 2019 11:58pm
The window cleaning bill in the gull bombardment season is going to be high. It will probably need to be done twice a day. otherwise the punters will be put off their food by the sight of all that guano.

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