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Chemical, Biological and Nuclear Incident Excercise in Scarborough

Chemical, Biological and Nuclear Incident Excercise in Scarborough

Published by Matthew Pells at 8:38am 5th October 2019.

Staff at Scarborough Hospital have been involved in a training exercise this week, practicing how they would deal with a chemical, biological or nuclear incident.

The Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) exercise involved Medical students from the Hull York medical school playing the part of patients with realistic looking  injuries being created with make up.

Hospitals and police forces around the country carry out the training exercises to test their preparedness for "dealing with CBRN type attacks"

During the exercise hospital staff wore chemical protective suits, decontaminated casualty actors and then processed the casualties through the Emergency Department.

The York NHS Foundation trust which operates Scarborough Hospital has recently introduced a three year programme of training which sees staff take part in training events to prepare them to "undertake on call duties, to carry out chemical decontamination and to act as “loggists” during an incident."

The training is delivered by Trust members of staff in addition to their routine duties. The trainers have attended external courses to prepare them to act as instructors; these courses include specialties such as CBRN protective suit instructors, loggist instructor and courses to allow staff to run table top simulation exercises.

The training forms part of the hospitals emergency planning training. In July Scarborough Hospital conducted a “Blackstart” exercise, switching off the mains power and successfully testing the backup generators to seamlessly maintain service delivery. 

NHS England conducted an annual CBRN audit of Scarborough Hospital in August this year and gave the hospital a “CBRN Prepared” grading.


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