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Humberside Fire Alarm Changes Start Today

Humberside Fire Alarm Changes Start Today

Published by Matthew Pells at 6:01am 1st October 2019.

The way Humberside Fire Service responds to automatic fire alarms changes from today.

The force will no longer send Fire Engines during the day to reports of fire alarms going off in commercial buildings unless there has been a phone call confirming that there is a fire.

The change only affects non-sleeping premises and only during working hours.

Over the last 2 years the fire service say they were called to 16 hundred automatic alarms with only 14 percent of those calls actually requiring their intervention. The rest were caused by a faulty system or a malicious or accidental activation.

Humberside Fire Response

Humberside Fire and Rescue Service's Station Manager for Public Safety - Ben Kelly - explains what should happen if a fire alarm goes off at a business property.

The force have released a video explaining the reasons for the change.

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue service implemented similar changes in 2015.

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Fileyman, on 1st October 2019 6:26am
The figure works out at 2 calls every 24hrs which I don't call excessive..

So what they are saying is that if the fire alarm goes off at 3.00am and the night shift working fireman are all asleep they will only go out if someone rings up and says the auto fire alarm is going off and flames are shooting out of the roof.

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