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Scarborough MP: "Big Development Needed On Futurist Site"

Scarborough MP: "Big Development Needed On Futurist Site"

Published by Karen Liu at 6:01am 2nd October 2019.

Scarborough's MP says a big development needs to be where the former Futurist Theatre used to be.

Robert Goodwill wants the proposed attraction by Flamingo Land on the site as it will put the town on the map.

He said:

"The Council's spent £4 million demolishing the Futurist and restoring the stability of the land behind it.

We need a big development there, something that will really put Scarborough on the map.

I've got to say that there's not a long queue of other investors willing to put in big money onto that site.

Certainly if other developers want to come forward with ideas, I'm sure the Council will be able to consider them.

I'm not sure whether it would be for the benefit of Scarborough if, for example, we just got a load of flats built on the site.

It would be quite possible to residential but I'm not sure if that's going to bring the sort of attraction to Scarborough that we want to see."

Robert Goodwill has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Jon Burke:


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zara, on 2nd October 2019 8:42am
WELL there's a surprise Mr Goodwill wants Flamingoland on the site!!! Not sure how he knows that no one else would want the site, maybe if the council advertised it WIDELY someone just might have a better idea for it. One thing i do agree with is that it should not be residential though. I would prefer it converted into a park or play area for the children before residential - something that benefits everyone not just the council and favoured developer
Yorkshire80, on 2nd October 2019 1:17pm
Well said, definitely not residential use and definitely not flamingo land! Mr Goodwill will just agree to the most money making exercise for the councils pockets...and his own!

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