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Fresh Cliff Fall Warning for Beach Walkers

Fresh Cliff Fall Warning for Beach Walkers

Published by Matthew Pells at 1:45pm 25th September 2019. (Updated at 1:46pm 25th September 2019)

The dangers of walking near cliffs on the Yorkshire Coast have been highlighted by the team at Robin Hood's Bay fire station.

The team have shared photos of dangerous cliffs just south of Robin Hood's Bay which were taken by a group of walkers.

The official advice from the Coastguard when walking near cliffs is to keep a safe distance away from the foot of the cliffs.

"When standing at the bottom of a cliff, we would always advise people that they shouldn’t stand less than the height of the cliff away. That means that if the cliff is 25 metres high, don’t go closer than 25 metres towards it."

A rock fall and landslip safety campaign was launched in Scarborough Borough earlier in the year. It is being led by North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, Scarborough Borough Council, the RNLI and the Coastguard.

The campaign has a number of key messages:

  • Do not walk at the foot of cliffs as they are unstable all year round.
  • Never choose the base of the cliffs as a spot for playing, sunbathing or picnicking
  • Do not attempt to climb the cliffs
  • Beware of falling rocks and debris from the cliff top
  • Keep away from all cliff edges as they may be dangerously undercut by erosion and wave action. Adhere to any signs or barriers restricting access or warning of danger
  • No one can predict when or where a rock fall will happen, nor how big the debris will be.

Between May 2015 and August 2018, there were more than 55,000 recorded landslips along the Yorkshire Coast.

Anyone who finds themselves involved in a coastal emergency should dial 999 immediately and ask for the Coastguard.


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