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Public Gets Say on Scarborough Junctions

Public Gets Say on Scarborough Junctions

Published by Local Democracy Reporter Carl Gavaghan at 6:31am 26th September 2019.

Scarborough residents have their chance today to quiz highways staff over plans to install traffic lights at two of the town’s busiest junctions.

North Yorkshire County Council is holding a consultation event as part of a £4m scheme to tackle four congestion hotspots in the town.

In the latest round of works, at the A171 Scalby Road/Stepney Drive junction, North Yorkshire County Council is proposing to install traffic lights to synchronise with those at the Scalby Road/Woodlands Drive junction.

The Stepney Drive approach to Scalby Road will also be widened to two lanes, and the Woodlands Drive two-lane approach to Scalby Road will be made longer.

At the A171 Scalby Road/Falsgrave Road junction, traffic lights will be installed and the road will be widened.

These are the final two junctions to be upgraded as part of the scheme. Work on the former is due to start in spring 2020, and the latter is scheduled for autumn 2020.

Four junctions have been looked at as part of the scheme, with work on the Scalby Road/Manor Road roundabout already complete, and work on the Stepney Road/Stepney Drive/Sandybed Lane roundabout currently taking place.

North Yorkshire County Council has organised a consultation event for the final two improvements between 2pm and 7pm, at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Stepney Road.

North Yorkshire County Council and Scarborough Borough Council both contributed £150,000 to the project with the majority of the £4m funding coming from the York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Local Enterprise Partnership.


There are 6 comments on this page.

zara, on 26th September 2019 8:44am
another waste of time and money, does anyone really think that the councils will take any notice of what the public say? Never have so far so why would they start now
Fileyman, on 26th September 2019 8:47am
How about Filey Road, Queen Margaret's.
Constant hold ups, dispense with the bus lane completely.
Chippy33, on 26th September 2019 9:10am
Do they honestly think traffic lights improve traffic flow. The only time you can drive freely through Scarborough is when the traffic lights are turned off due to faults or power cuts.
zara, on 26th September 2019 3:19pm
not to mention the people who go over when the lights are changing and then hold up all the traffic when they get stuck
Choi, on 27th September 2019 8:37am
Traffic lights will be a great improvement. Just look at how traffic now flows at the Queen Margarets / Seamer Road junction...
Oh, wait. It doesn't.
Gemma17, on 27th September 2019 10:58am
I don’t see how more traffic lights on the junction of scalby road and falsgrave will help with traffic flow. The traffic is already backed up because of the falsgrave and seamer road lights. If there are lights at falsgrave and scalby road that will make 8? Arts of lights between scalby road/falsgrave junction and. And B&Q. Isn’t that around 1 mile of road? It’s there any need for that amount of lights on one street, traffic flows much better with a round about. I would like to know how I will get out of the junction of Stepney Avenue when the traffic is backed up?

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