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Scarborough MP Confident of Cinema

Scarborough MP Confident of Cinema

Published by Jon Burke at 6:31am 24th September 2019. (Updated at 7:09am 24th September 2019)

Scarborough's MP says a cinema will come to the town.

We told you earlier this month how a decision on revised plans for a multiplex on the North Bay has been deferred again, over worries about flooding risks the building could pose.

The complex was originally supposed to open next year, then this year and most recently 2020 - but the agreement between the developer and the borough council runs out next year.

Robert Goodwill said:

"I don't think time's running out. We desperately need a multiplex cinema, developers Benchmark have always had that as part of their project.

There've been a number of changes in the number of screens they want and the type of outlets they're going to have there.

It will be delivered, it's just frustrating it's taking a little bit longer.

I think it is the right location there - it will make North Bay an even momre attractive place to go."

Robert's been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Jon Burke..




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zara, on 24th September 2019 7:40am
quite simply what does he know? He will never use it and will probably never go into that area (unless he ventures forth during an election). Wrong place and probably will never happen as Benchmark will want to change it for no apartments on some excuse or other
Hel163, on 24th September 2019 10:48am
Scarborough has needed a cinema complex for years, as we have one under-utilised old cinema in the town with limited films on offer. There have been many plans put forward for various sites for a cinema complex and each time the plans have been quashed. When will Scarborough council see the light, all these plans are over adventurous and expensive for the area. Goodwill says a lot of things but has be actually made time to look at Scarborough and what is actually happening to the town. Its interesting that he believes that all the new housing that has been recently proposed to be built in Cayton (nearly 2,000 houses) is a good thing for the economy, what economy? Sirius is now struggling, shops are closing in the town centre, even small businesses can't keep afloat and obviously we need more housing to accomodate all these people who want to live in Scarborough with no job prospects! Rant over!
Fileyman, on 24th September 2019 2:49pm
I don't trust Goodwill or SBC.

SBC want to spend £22m to demolish the old Argos building and redevelop the site.

But the estimated value of the whole site when the job is finished is only £7.5m.

And as far as Goodwill supporting Scarborough he was the one who said we didn't need Aberdeen Walk post office.

He is the one who supported Jeremy Hunt, who was responsible for all the health service cuts.

Have a trawl through the Internet for all the things Goodwill has voted down.
Zac, on 24th September 2019 8:41pm
I am sick and tired of everything in Scarborough having to revolve around tourists! Believe it or not Scarborough also has residents, most of whom have absolutely nothing to do with tourism. Don't the residents deserve some consideration, after all we are the ones that are paying!! My family and I already travel to York for cinema, shopping etc. York will soon be opening their 4th cinema, 3 of which are situated out of town, and City Screen, the one in town is more of a specialist cinema. I'm sure that the 3 other cinemas are intended to serve the residents and not the tourists. Scarborough desperately needs a clean sweep in the town council away from the 100% focus on tourism after all we don't all own penny arcades and soft ice cream parlors!!
Chippy33, on 25th September 2019 8:28am
You only have to look at the new ‘Town Centre Strategy Team’ to realise how much, or little, credence SBC has in the local rank and file residents.

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