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Whitby GP Raises Awareness Of Problem Plastics

Whitby GP Raises Awareness Of Problem Plastics

Published by Karen Liu at 8:04am 21st September 2019.

A GP from Whitby is fronting an event to raise awareness of problem plastics.

Dr. Margaret Jackson will be joined by groups like North Yorkshire County Council Rotters, who show how to dispose of materials responsibly, Surfers Against Sewage, Future Health Store, and Yorkshire Wildlife trust.

The display runs from 11am to 3pm in the cafe area of Whitby Pavilion.

Dr. Jackson said:

"There's quite an authoritative report written by the Centre for International Envrionmental Law and other organisations, that suggest plastics are associated with cancer, damages the nervous system and reproductive system, develop mental toxicity and damages the immune system."

She has these tips:

"Stop drinking bottled water; buy a reusable bottle and refill it with tap water which is healthier and cheaper.

The UK at the moment uses about 38.5 million single use plastic bottles a day, so that would use a huge difference.

The other is to purchase a reusable cup."







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