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PICTURES: Climate Protests In Scarborough and Whitby

PICTURES: Climate Protests In Scarborough and Whitby

Published by Karen Liu at 1:12pm 20th September 2019.

Climate protests are taking place in Scarborough and Whitby.

Many have gathered outside the Brunswick Centre in Scarborough, after marching there from Falsgrave.

Scarborough Climate Protest
Scarborough Climate Protest
Scarborough Climate Protest

In Whitby, there is a rally at the Bandstand.

Whitby Climate Protest


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zara, on 20th September 2019 4:10pm
nice to see that people who are trying to go about their own business cannot use the roads because of a few protesters. Why should traffic be stopped for this bunch of doomists and school kids who should be in school.
Fileyman, on 21st September 2019 10:55am
Why not protest on a Saturday then more kids could attend if they wish.

However lest not forget these kids are taken to school in gas guzzling cars by there parents.

These kids will fly out on there holidays by polluting aircraft.

There parents will want items to be available in shops, how do they think they get delivered.

The kids want to charge there Ipads or mobiles using electric. Where do they think it comes from.

Kids are protesting that the damage has already been done.

But we see parents protesting strongly whenever a new windfarm is planned.

We see big demos over fracking.

I rest my case..
martin whittle, on 22nd September 2019 8:28am
I read with dismay the two previous comments, firstly it wouldn't be a strike if it was on a Saturday, "doomists" ! i presume Zara is in the Donald Trump camp with eyes firmly shut denying climate change is happening. I think it is great that young people are engaging in what is the biggest social issue of our times credit to them. change never comes if we all sit around doing nothing.

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