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Some Workers At Potash Mine Near Whitby 'Let Go'

Some Workers At Potash Mine Near Whitby 'Let Go'

Published by Karen Liu at 10:24am 20th September 2019.

The owners of the Potash mine near Whitby has let some of its workers go.

Earlier this week, Sirius Minerals said they were trying to minimise any impact on its staff.

Gareth Edmunds, External Affairs Director, said:

“We are sorry to see some of our colleagues leave this week, as part of the slowdown which we announced on Tuesday.

Yesterday we took the sensible decision to wind back a number of the night shifts on some of our sites, which will preserve activity for longer.

We are doing our utmost to find a solution to the funding situation we are currently in and to ensure the project is in the best possible position to ramp back up to full speed as and when that happens.

We are as committed to building this project today as we were on day one and we are exploring all options, whilst also trying to minimise the impact on the whole team."

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zara, on 20th September 2019 11:51am
how many were management??? always the actual workers who get it in the neck

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