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MP Urged To Secure Government Help For Potash Mine Near Whitby

MP Urged To Secure Government Help For Potash Mine Near Whitby

Published by Yorkshire Coast Radio News at 6:01am 18th September 2019. (Updated at 7:06am 18th September 2019)

Scarborough and Whitby MP Robert Goodwill has been urged to lobby the government to help out the Potash mine project near Whitby. 

Sirius Minerals published its half year report yesterday and it revealed £400m is needed by 31st March next year to start the next phase of the project.

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The Government has declined to back the project, after it reviewed the financing of the project.

Councillor Steve Siddons said:

"I'm really concerned about the news that Sirius are in financial difficulties and I'm calling on Robert Goodwill, our local MP, to lobby government to get them to support, protecting this investment; and making sure that Sirius can continue to deliver this huge, multi-billion pound scheme for this region and for the people who live here.

If the Government allow this to fail, then they're letting all these people down.

It's a situation that really has to be recovered, and has to be recovered really quickly; because the work is ongoing, the mine is being dug, the tunnel is being dug and we really need to get on with this so that we can deliver that investment into this area, which is so desperately needed.

Councillor Siddons has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Karen Liu:

He added:

"I have written to Boris Johnson inviting him to a meeting with myself, Government Ministers, Local MP’s Robert Goodwill, Anna Turney and Simon Clarke, Teeside Mayor Ben Houchen and Sirius to discuss how the government can support this vital project ensuring it delivers the prosperity and well paid jobs so urgently needed in the area. 

Boris has spent much of the last couple of weeks touring the northern heartlands recognising the devastation caused by years of austerity and lack of investment. 

It’s time for him to put his money where his mouth is and ensure this project delivers on its promise to the people of North Yorkshire.”

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Scarborough and Whitby MP, Robert Goodwill, said:

"I think the answer from the Government is the final answer.

I've already been involved; I spoke directly to the Prime Minster on the 2nd of September and I spoke to Treasury Ministers that week.

I know the Mayor of Tees Valley, Ben Houchen, has also spoken to Ministers including Jake Berry, who's the Northern Powerhouse Minister. 

So we made as many representations as we could, we explored every single angle to bring pressure to bear.

It appears that this is something quite unprecedented; not the sort of thing the Treasury would normally do.

I think their view is, is that there's a lot of money around the world, looking for a safe house to invest; a lot of big mining companies around the world who are looking for new projects and maybe by going it alone, Sirius have maybe bitten off a little bit more than they can chew and they need to find a big, strong partner to help bring this project to fruition."

Robert Goodwill has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Karen Liu:



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zara, on 18th September 2019 10:47am
I thought it would be a cold day in hell before i ever agreed with a word spoke by Mr Goodwill but on this i tend to agree with him and the government stance. If it is such a good bet then why is no big investment company touching it? If it was in another part of the country would all the comments i have read saying they should have been made?.

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