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Scarborough Council Leader Calls For MP To Help Potash Mine

Scarborough Council Leader Calls For MP To Help Potash Mine

Published by Karen Liu at 12:16pm 17th September 2019.

The Leader of Scarborough Borough Council is calling for local MP to help with securing the future of the Potash mine near Whitby.

Councillor Steve Siddons is asking Scarborough and Whitby MP, Robert Goodwill, to insist that the Government step in to help Sirius Minerals.

He said:

“Earlier this year then Prime Minister Theresa May turned down a request from Robert Goodwill for a government guarantee so Sirius Minerals could complete construction of the Woodsmith mine and its tunnel towards the port.

It is time now to ask PM Boris Johnson to reconsider that refusal.

A complex four stage financing plan devised after that refusal that should lead to JP Morgan guaranteeing the $2.5bn needed for completion has stalled.

It isn’t just future jobs at the mine and on Teesside that are at risk, many of the share holders are local.

From Whitby right across North Yorkshire small investors have been encouraged to invest in the mine, many local personal pension pots are threatened if this project isn’t fully supported.

Once again, it is the people and communities of the north who will be devastated by this potential crisis at Sirius 

Wake up Boris, wake up Robert Goodwill and get supporting our communities".


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Ian Dixon, on 17th September 2019 1:02pm
This important for the area and a lot of locals have bought into it as Shareholders.
A lot of people have lost money on this Projects Shares, many who can I'll afford to loose the money as small investors on lower wages.
Come on Mr Goodwill do something for your Constituency !
OlPeculier, on 17th September 2019 2:09pm
You shouldn't be investing in the stock market and projects such as this if you can't afford the risk involved.
zara, on 17th September 2019 5:06pm
not saying i am for or against any government help as i am not a great believer in bailing out private enterprise but as far as people investing in this project they did it to gain money and any investment is a risk, how many are really on low wages? Most people i know on small incomes would not risk wasting any of it on any kind of investment
TJohn, on 17th September 2019 6:10pm
Those who bought shares in Sirius should have known the risks involved. Taxpayer's money should not be used to prop up a commercial business. If it cannot raise the capital it needs commercially,it suggests that the project is not feasible.
andyh, on 18th September 2019 8:13am
It's time Goodwill put his constituency and it's good people first and not just keep grovelling to whoever is PM at the time. Get a backbone Goodwill or stand aside at the next election.

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