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World's Smallest Heritage Center Opens in Scarborough

World's Smallest Heritage Center Opens in Scarborough

Published by Matthew Pells at 9:25am 14th September 2019. (Updated at 9:26am 14th September 2019)

What is more than likely the world's smallest heritage center has officially opened in Scarborough.

The Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre is celebrating its tenth anniversary by adopting a BT phone box at the harbour and transforming it in to the historical attraction.

The phone box sized museum had it's official opening ceremony on Friday.

It's been dedicated to all Scarborough's maritime families, past and present.

The facility contains old images of the harbour and fishing families, along with an audio description for those with sight impairments.

The phone box had become very dilapidated and has been given a spruce up by it's new custodians.

According to BT, nearly 4000 phone boxes have been taken into community ownership and setup as mini libraries, defibrillator points and even the world's smallest discotheque. 60,000 kiosks were installed, but only 11,000 remain.


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