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World's Smallest Heritage Centre for Scarborough

World's Smallest Heritage Centre for Scarborough

Published by Jon Burke at 6:31am 19th August 2019.

The Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre is celebrating its tenth anniversary by adopting a BT phone box and hopefully establishing it as officially the world's smallest heritage centre.

It's dedicating the facility to all Scarborough's maritime families, past and present.

It will contain old images of the harbour and the life of fishing families, along with an audio description for those with sight impairments.

The new generation has never used a phone box, so the centre wants to save local resident's stories about using phone boxes in the past such as applying for a job, dating, emergencies, birth news etc.

Please email them to scarboroughmaritime@yahoo.com
The phone box is in a very dilapidated state and needs restoring to its former glory. 

According to BT, nearly 4000 phone boxes have been taken into community ownership and setup as mini libraries, defibrillator points and even the world's smallest discotheque.
60,000 kiosks were installed, but only 11,000 remain.

The centre needs about £500 to restore the box, so if anyone can donate time or money to this project please email, using the above address.


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John Senior, on 19th August 2019 8:47am
Brilliant idea! Well done to the team at Scarborough Marine Heritage and a wonderful example of civic pride for others to follow!

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