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Scarborough 'Needs To Be More Adventurous' Says MP

Scarborough 'Needs To Be More Adventurous' Says MP

Published by Karen Liu at 7:41am 22nd July 2019.

Scarborough needs to be more adventurous if it is to receive development funding.

That is according to the local MP, after the town missed out on money from the Future High Streets Fund.

Scarborough Borough Council was hoping to get £150,000 which would have been used for its town centre strategy.

But its bid was rejected by the government and it is now not clear how the strategy will be funded.

Robert Goodwill said:

"I think we need to look carefully at what the successful bidders put in their bids, and see maybe why the Scarborough bid wasn't as successful.

I mean, Scarborough has been successful in the past in getting a lot of funding, but it may well be that the Council's bid wasn't done in an imaginative enough way, it may not have ticked the boxes that the Government wanted to see.

So in future rounds of this sort of thing, I think we need to learn from this. 

The Council have done quite a lot of work in the town centre; we've seen the new paving put in, we've seen pedestrianisation which is all very good.

So it isn't as if we've stood still, but this additional money would have been good but maybe we need to be a little bit more adventurous in the type of the bids we put in in the future."

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zara, on 22nd July 2019 12:05pm
Speaking as a former conservative voter could i suggest that Scarborough needs to be more adventurous and vote for a better MP. He actually NEVER has anything positive to suggest unless it is in favour of the former conservative council plans like knocking down the Futurist and that was probably because of the donations that Flamingo land owner gives to the conservative party

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