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Scarborough MP Reacts To Park and Ride Closure

Scarborough MP Reacts To Park and Ride Closure

Published by Karen Liu at 12:52pm 12th July 2019.

Scarborough's MP has been reacting to the town's Park and Ride services shutting in the winter.

We told you last month that North Yorkshire County Council decided to close the Seamer Road and Filey Road sites from the start of November till the end of March.

The authority says the number of passengers have roughly halved in the last six years.

Robert Goodwill said:

"Why use the Park and Ride when in the middle of town, in the winter time, it's not that busy?

We have a massive amount of car parking for summer visitors and Park and Ride was important to address those problems with lack of parking.

But in the winter time, the Park and Ride is fairly sparsely used, that's because people can park in town.

I can understand the logic of not running empty buses all day long to service a Park and Ride that isn't being used extensively. 

Now the alternative of course, would be to increase parking charges in town dramatically, to force people in the Park and Ride but I don't think that would be very popular among local people." 

Robert Goodwill has been answering a question submitted to us via our 'Ask Your MP' page here: 

A local resident had asked Mr. Goodwill to comment on the County Council withdrawing public transport and their replacements. He was also asked to comment on the Park and Ride services.

Hear his response here:



There are 6 comments on this page.

Fileyman, on 12th July 2019 3:08pm
How nice of Goodwill to make comments on P&R.

Where has he been for the past 6 months when discussions were taking place.

Yet again he tries to grab publicity when everybody else has sorted the problem
OlPeculier, on 12th July 2019 3:10pm
I wonder when Goodwill last drove past the P&R during the summer? It's never busy, Will be interesting to see if they turn off the lights by the junction when it's not operating.
wheely, on 12th July 2019 5:00pm
It not turned off now when its closed at night or early morning!!
zara, on 12th July 2019 4:04pm
I thought one of the main ideas behind park and ride was to try and cut down on the traffic congestion, not just to provide parking places. The problem is that people just do not want to pay the exorbitant prices to park in Scarborough and therefore park on all available residential streets nearby. I would be much more inclined to use the car parks if they were cheaper as it is i tend to use the supermarkets and depending on the time of day, how long i want to spend in town i will use the park and ride which is much cheaper than paying to park (thats only because i do not like messing around trying to park on the streets.
wheely, on 12th July 2019 5:00pm
If all residential streets were made pay n display parking would change I would welcome this change as living very near town parking is always hit n miss even with its expensive permit
andyh, on 13th July 2019 8:52pm
Have The councils and bus company not considered a possible
Solution for seamer road would be to have the 7/7A buses
Stop there in winter and just suspend the 64 buses. Would
Help locals even more. Simples you could say.

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