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Investigations into Welcome to Yorkshire Conclude

Investigations into Welcome to Yorkshire Conclude

Published by Jon Burke at 4:36pm 26th June 2019. (Updated at 5:54pm 26th June 2019)

Investigations into Welcome to Yorkshire, which were commissioned by the organisation, have finished.

The company has yet to release any details of any conclusions after two separate bodies looked into the mishandling of expenses claims by its former Chief Executive, Sir Gary Verity, as well as allegations of his bullying behaviour towards staff.

It's already stated it will not be publicising full details of the reports, to protect the privacy of witnesses and 'commercial sensitivity'.

After a board meeting this week, Interim Chair of Welcome to Yorkshire, Keith Stewart, said:

"The Welcome To Yorkshire Board was able to hear initial feedback and recommendations from both investigations. It is important that the information is properly considered and that there is an opportunity for questions and clarifications and for Clarion and BDO to respond to those in a reasonable time frame.

Welcome to Yorkshire also needs to look at the recommendations and, if they have not already been implemented, investigate the merits and practicalities of each of them. The organisation also has a responsibility to communicate with past and present staff who took part in the investigations as a priority and we are looking at the best way of enabling this. 

Once this process has been concluded we will look to make the key themes, findings and recommendations available to the public in a timely way."

Sir Gary himself, despite being asked to take part in the investigations, has not done so.

A welcome to Yorkshire spokesperson said:

“Sir Gary Verity has been invited to take part in both investigations instigated by Welcome to Yorkshire and has expressed an interest in participating but stated that he is not in a position to do so at this time. Any further enquiries should be made to Sir Verity’s representative Ms Whiting of Torque Law.”

He resigned from Welcome to Yorkshire in March, citing health reasons, prompting the company to announce 'misjudgement' in his handling of expenses claims, as well as his behaviour towards staff.

Since then, some councils have withdrawn their funding to the organisation and there have also been calls for a police investigation into the company's disbursement of public money.

Welcome to Yorkshire has refused our request for an interview, saying it will contact the media when the reports are due to be released.


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zara, on 26th June 2019 10:08pm
MISJUDGEMENT - its either a genuine mistake or a fraud
JohnfromScarborough, on 26th June 2019 11:19pm
Call me old fashioned, but shouldn't there be more of a positive attitude with regard to the recommendations from the reports rather than the half hearted intention to"investigate the merits and practicalities of each of them"? It rather sounds like they have been told something they don't want to hear.

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