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Show Cancelled at Scarborough Open Air Theatre

Show Cancelled at Scarborough Open Air Theatre

Published by Jon Burke at 6:04pm 24th June 2019. (Updated at 6:45am 25th June 2019)

The West End Proms show at Scarborough's Open Air Theatre has been cancelled.

Here's a statement from promoter's Cuffe and Taylor:

"Due to unforeseen circumstances the West End Proms event is no longer going ahead at Scarborough Open Air Theatre.

This is not a decision we have taken lightly and we apologise to all musical theatre fans who bought tickets for what would have been an incredible show. 

All ticket holders will receive a full refund via their point of purchase".



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JohnfromScarborough, on 25th June 2019 9:09am
So, just eight shows to go before the end of the 2019 season. Wonder if it will be the last one?
JohnfromScarborough, on 25th June 2019 9:35am
West End Proms seems to be going ahead as planned on the previous evening in London, so what exactly is stopping the show from coming to Scarborough the next day?
zara, on 25th June 2019 9:55am
The promoters are not exactly excelling this year, maybe time for a look at the contract and actually work out something that will benefit the council tax payer who have ploughed so much money into the OAT
andyh, on 25th June 2019 10:38am
Well what a fiasco this summer at the OAT is turning out to be. Firstly, 9 shows are missing from the possible allowed. Nothing on Armed Forces day, for the first time, and now a show cancelled. Can't Cuffe and Taylor just be honest and tell us why the show has been cancelled, i.e. the truth, and why so few overall have been arranged. You get more respect if you tell the truth. Maybe our new council leader can get them to talk before giving them any more money.
Caytonbay, on 25th June 2019 1:00pm
I am really disappointed with the OAT this season. IMO the council together with the new leader urgently need to discuss the OAT and the future. Each year I have tuned-in to Yorkshire Coast Radio to learn who will appear at the OAT, nothing much this year.

SBC need to urgently sit down and meet with the promoter, this must not happen again, if the promoters are so inept that they cannot book anyone to appear at the OAT then perhaps another promoter should be sought?

I hadn't bought tickets for the West End Proms but I really am sorry for all the people who had been looking forward to this show, what about the people who have booked an holiday on the Yorkshire Coast and also bought a ticket for this show? Sorry this is totally unacceptable and I think everyone needs a better explanation than 'unforeseen circumstances'.

SBC you need to challenge the promoters about the lack of shows this year. How much is this season going to cost council tax payers on the Yorkshire Coast?.
JohnfromScarborough, on 25th June 2019 10:00pm
Caytonbay (in particular) makes some very good points. In any meeting I think that the Council leader should insist that as a rule the acts should appear on a Friday or Saturday. That way there is a much better chance of visitors from afar making a weekend of it thus contributing more to the local economy. Difficult to see too many making the journey from say Leeds , Sheffield or Tyneside for one night mid week when they have venues of their own offering the same acts. Bearing in mind that the OAT is aimed at those of working age and their teenage kids.

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