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Safety Help for Hard of Hearing in North Yorkshire

Safety Help for Hard of Hearing in North Yorkshire

Published by Jon Burke at 7:02am 16th May 2019.

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue says it can help if you're worried about a family member, friend, or neighbour who's hard of hearing.

It's after the service was called to the home of a 103 year-old man in Scarborough this week, who didn't hear his smoke alarm going off.

It was activated when some toast burned in his kitchen.

Community Fire Safety Officer, Bernice Champion, said:

"If anyone has any queries about family members, neighbours, or anyone they're concerned about not being ablr to hear the alarm, we've got a referral form on our website so they can make a referral through that. Then we'll go out and visit them. We'll fit smoke alarms if people don't have them or we can fit a different alarm if they're unable to hear the standard alarm that's fitted".

She says they can fit different sorts of alarms like light strobes or vibrating alarms to make residents safer.

You'll find out more on the website here


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