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Scarborough And Whitby MP Reacts To Sir Gary Verity Departure

Scarborough And Whitby MP Reacts To Sir Gary Verity Departure

Published by Karen Liu at 6:02am 19th April 2019.

The MP for Scarborough and Whitby says it is important to investigate Sir Gary Verity's expenses.

The former Welcome to Yorkshire Chief Executive left last month for health reasons.

It was at that point when the company revealed his 'errors of judgement' - prompting concerns about the use of taxpayers' money.

Welcome to Yorkshire's commissioning two independent investigations - one into Sir Gary's expenses - the other into his behaviour.

Robert Goodwill said:

"Obviously councils do pay for having the Tour de Yorkshire so there is some taxpayers' money that will go in to that.

But as I understand it, Welcome to Yorkshire signed off Gary's expenses.

So they need to look themselves at the way they have maybe audited and managed the funds within Welcome to Yorkshire.

I think it's important that his expenses are properly investigated and I understand that he has paid some money back.

And of course Welcome to Yorkshire isn't a directly state funded organisation.

It's disappointing that maybe the auditing systems within Welcome to Yorkshire didn't pick some of these things up.

But that isn't to detract from what Gary's achieved and I hope his health continues to improve".

Robert Goodwill MP has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Karen Liu:

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zara, on 19th April 2019 6:45am
another sterling example of MP's morality. Yes, the auditing part of the system is obviously not fit for purpose but who puts the claims in in the first place? I hope the taxpayers who vote in the next election take note of Mr Goodwill's words!
JohnfromScarborough, on 19th April 2019 11:36am
Mr Goodwill has provided some useful background about how the organisation is funded. I have searched in vain for this information on the website and the annual accounts of the organisation. It seems to be a very secretive non-accountable body (a private limited company) which is in urgent need of a fundamental shake up.

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