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No Police Inquiry into Welcome to Yorkshire

No Police Inquiry into Welcome to Yorkshire

Published by Jon Burke at 1:00pm 15th April 2019. (Updated at 6:48am 16th April 2019)

Police say there will be no criminal investigation into the former Chief Executive of Welcome to Yorkshire.

There were calls for a police inquiry into Sir Gary Verity's use of public money.

Lord Paul Scriven of Sheffield contacted West Yorkshire Police, asking for them to look into the company's expenses claims.

It's after revelations of 'errors of judgment' with expenses claimed by Sir Gary, after he resigned last month on health grounds.

Its Chairman, Ron McMillan, told us recently they had been aware of the situation since January.

Lord Scriven says he's asked Mr McMillan to resign.

The organisation is setting up an independent review into its expenses procedures.

In a statement, West Yorkshire Police said:

"West Yorkshire Police can confirm that they have met with representatives of Welcome to Yorkshire and are aware of the allegations made against its former Chief Executive. An independent investigation, including a forensic audit of the company’s accounts, is being commissioned by Welcome to Yorkshire.

It has been agreed that the full findings of this independent review will be shared with West Yorkshire Police and if at any time evidence is identified of criminal offences this will be brought to the immediate attention of West Yorkshire Police."

Lord Paul Scriven said:

"West Yorkshire Police have been made aware of a potential serious misuse of public funds and potential fraud. They have taken the word of the very body, which it now appears has poor governance and poor financial oversight that they are going to carry out a forensic investigation. It's not for the police to hand over an investigation of this magnitude to someone else. They have a public duty to carry that out."

He's been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Jon Burke..



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zara, on 15th April 2019 3:45pm
not a surprise is it. If West Yorkshire Police leadership are anything like the previous examples we have seen in North Yorkshire its too close to home! I was in the civil service - lowly position - and we were practically interrogated over our small expenses claims but the higher ups seemed to get away with anything. As for the organisation getting its own 'independent' inquiry I am sure that will turn out like SBC ones have done - whitewash....

JohnfromScarborough, on 16th April 2019 11:30am
I wonder if the sharing of the finding of the investigation will be before or after Welcome to Yorkshire have seen the first draft and had an opportunity to make changes? It is their inquiry after all so they would be entitled to do this.
This has stitch up written all over it.

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