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Scarborough Hospital Paramedics To Use YAS' ePR


Published by Karen Liu at 7:02am 14th April 2019.

Yorkshire Ambulance Service has rolled out its ePR to Scarborough Hospital.

It has been designed and developed staff at YAS for their own use.

The ePR electronically captures assessment and interaction information about their patients.

Stephen Dykes, the Deputy Medical Director at Yorkshire Ambulance Service, said:

"This allows paramedics, when they get to somebody's house, is to log all their investigations and observations on a digital format.

It means hospitals can see those straight away and have really easy access to patient information.

It improves that flow of information between the hospital, primary care and secondary care.

Going forward though, this system allows us to access even more information about the patient.

So in time, we'll be able to access the patient's GP records, if the patient allows us to.

That will make sure we can really deliver personalised care because we'll have access to what the GPs are doing for that patient, and then we'll be able to model our care to make sure it lines with the GPs care."

The ePR is now slowly being rolled out across the whole of Yorkshire - after a successful pilot in South Yorkshire.


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