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Fraud Awareness Page For North Yorkshire Residents

Fraud Awareness Page For North Yorkshire Residents

Published by Karen Liu at 6:01am 11th April 2019.

There is a way for residents across Scarborough Borough to find out about fraud.

North Yorkshire Police has set up a new Facebook page to raise awareness about the issue.

It will give information on the most recent scams and advice on how to stay safe.

It has been set up by Nathan Stuart, a PCSO in Scarborough, who said:

"This is information that's going to be given that covers nationwide issues; from the tax scams fraud awareness, the HMRC scams, pressing one when people call you and local information such as fraudulent currency that's been used recently in Scarborough.

So it's just somewhere where all of the county can come together for one bit of information.

What we're asking people to do is share; share the information that we've got.

Digitally is easy, hit the share button on Facebook and share it across your platforms.

If you've got relatives or friends and family that are of the older generation, let them know verbally; tell them what's going on, what's going on in the area.

It helps bring the communities together as well."

To find out more about fraud in North Yorkshire and to like and share the Facebook page, head here:

Nathan Stuart spoke to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Karen Liu:


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