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Royal Award For Scarborough Mountain Rescue Team

Royal Award For Scarborough Mountain Rescue Team

Published by Karen Liu at 2:18pm 4th April 2019. (Updated at 3:51pm 4th April 2019)

A royal award has been given to Scarborough and Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team.

It has been presented by the The Duke of York's Community Initiative for charities and community projects.

The accolade lasts for five years and it is the second time Scarborough and Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team have received it.

Ian Hugill, who is from there, said:

"Realistically, It's something that we can add to our letter head, or to our request for funding that has credibility for the team.

It's very useful for us when we're talking to other agencies or when we're looking for funding, that we can say these people have been in and assessed us and they considered us as one of the best charities in Yorkshire.

It's just a justification of the fact that feel we've got pride in the team and that we've done a good job.

It's recognition for the team members all the way through the organisation that they are doing the right thing, they are doing a good job and it's something they can be rightfully proud about."

The Duke of York Community Initiative Award

Other charities or community projects in the Borough of Scarborough who have received the award include:

  • Scarborough Disability Action
  • Scarborough Survivors
  • Caring Together Whitby and District

In order to get The Duke of York's Community Initiative award:

  • The schemes need to be owned, developed and led by the people they serve.
  • The schemes should be of real value to the community, well run and an inspiration to others.

The Award lasts for five years, after which you can reapply.

Individual awards are also given in recognition of exceptional leadership skills.

The benefits include:

  • Royal recognition of excellence
  • The use of the royal logo which enhances fund raising credibility
  • The promotion of organisational pride
  • Business management support through workshops, mentoring and networking
  • Access to an in-house funding stream


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