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Youth Strike In Scarborough About Climate Change

Youth strike for climate scarborough

Published by Karen Liu at 6:04am 15th March 2019.

There is a strike in Scarborough today all about climate change.

It is being done by youths in the area who will be in the town centre at around 12.30pm.

They are demanding action to stop global warming and environment destruction.

Last month, there was also another strike.

Dave Mason from Scarborough is a climate activist and supports the idea.

He said:

"I think they've taken the lead from that young Swedish girl who said that talking for young people: 'we are fed up with waiting for the grown ups to do something to tackle the real problem of climate change.'

So students right round the world are coming out onto the streets to say 'look, we've got a problem and we're going to force you to solve it."

They're the ones that suffer the most.

I'm a granddad and I look at my grandson and I think 'what kind of a world are we going to leave for him and his generation?'

Personally, I suspect we are really close to tipping point and need to do something to get our carbon emissions down."


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zara, on 15th March 2019 8:43am
It is not striking, its being truant. Maybe if they made it a priority to get an education first and then went out into the big wide world and did something useful it would be a start. As for the parents who support them in missing school.....

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