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Concern Over Possible Sale of Gardens in Filey

Concern Over Possible Sale of Gardens in Filey

Published by Jon Burke at 1:22pm 14th March 2019. (Updated at 2:09pm 14th March 2019)

There's concern in Filey over the possible sale of Queen Street Gardens.

The Town council's looking at putting them out to tender, as they're currently flooded.

As a result, the gardens have been closed for safety reasons.

A report says it would cost between £50,000 and £350,000 to fix them.

Several residents turned up to a council meeting last night, to express their opposition to the prospect of their sale.

Scarborough borough councillor for Filey, Mike Cockerill, said:

"People are very concerned that the Town council's decided to seal it off, even though it's very early in the process and they want to keep them as gardens. There was one young lady there last night, she was in tears because her grandparents' ashes are scattered in the gardens. It's things like that - it is part of Filey".

Mike's been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Jon Burke.




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zara, on 14th March 2019 2:58pm
Am i dreaming but was'nt it only a very short time ago that Scarborough Council were throwing £1.5 million to South Cliff Gardens to pretty them up. How about some money coming to Filey to rescue our gardens, i am totally fed up of it all going to Scarborough. If the Filey town council and Scarborough Borough Council can find money to pay for a flipping statue of a coble then surely they can find it for something more useful......
Fileyman, on 14th March 2019 6:26pm
That's one hell of a estimate.

A difference of £300,000

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