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Scarborough MP Urges Cash for South Cliff Gardens

Scarborough MP Urges Cash for South Cliff Gardens

Published by Jon Burke at 7:04am 22nd February 2019.

Scarborough's MP is urging councillors to get behind the South Cliff Gardens project.

We told you last week how the borough council needs to put in £1.5 million pounds to release a near £5 million pound grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Councillors will vote on it next month.

Robert Goodwill said:

"I hope that they will see their way clear, so we can leverage this money in and get these gardens back to their pristine glory and get more people coming to Scarborough. Not everybody wants to come and ride on a rollercoaster that Flamingo Land are going to deliver. There's other people that would want to come and enjoy those fantastic gardens, restored once again to their former glory."




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zara, on 22nd February 2019 11:58am
Why does Scarborough Council have to put in £1.5 million? How much do we spend on one project benefiting Scarborough, what about sharing £1.5 million with the other areas in the district. As a Filey resident i do not see why i should be forever contributing to things that benefit Scarborough and not other areas. I suppose we should be grateful that Mr Goodwill seems to have finally realised that not everyone wants to visit Scarborough to ride on a rollercoaster which by the way has not been actually authorised yet so not sure that Flamingoland are going to deliver. In my view the futurist site should actually go to open tender, not to rich mates of the council.
Fileyman, on 22nd February 2019 5:02pm
Robert Goodwill wanting to spend over a million pounds on gardens but did not fight to keep the post office open.
In fact he supported the closure.

So what do we get for our rates increase

A 9m unsrcured loan to a company in dire straits.

£1.5m to do some gardening.

Millions spent on demolition of the Futurist.

What do we get in Filey..

A big fat nothing.

Thank you Goodwill
Peter croft, on 22nd February 2019 5:55pm
I would like to add to the above comments
Alpamere and futurist have been mentioned.
Don’t forget, new swimming pool, football stadium, sports village
Outdoor theatre, cliff stabilisation scheme,indoor market
Peasholme park refurbishment, toilet refirbishment

Yet in Whitby toilets were threatened with closure,TIC sold,Helredale football field sold ( still waiting for 3G pitch )
When pannet park received lottery funding because SBC didn’t have it, they charged the friends of Pannet park over £20k admin fee for lottery money to be put into SBC bank account
Did I mention whitby harbour and piers?

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