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Scarborough MP Urges Residents To Back Flamingo Land Plans

Scarborough MP Urges Residents To Back Flamingo Land Plans

Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 6:06am 20th February 2019. (Updated at 1:52pm 20th February 2019)

Scarborough's MP Robert Goodwill says people need to get behind the plans for Flamingo Land's proposed attraction in the South Bay.

The conservative MP has even likened parts of the design to that of City Hall in London, near Tower Bridge. 

The Flamingo Land attraction is set to sit on the site of the former Futurist Theatre, which was demolished last year. 

It'll include a 60-metre High Shot Tower, rollercoaster and zip wire, as well as a food and drink - and a separate Winter Garden.

Artist's impressions of how it could look were released earlier this month. Last week, John Senior, Chairman of the South Bay Traders Association, said that town "doesn't have to have it, it could be turned down."

Flamingo Land Coast 3

Robert said:

"It's absolutely right that there is a planning process and the decision will come down to the councillors.

I think we need to consider that if we don't have Flamingo Land, what will have there? I don't think we should have a big hole in the ground there for the next ten years.

I think it's a great opportunity for Scarborough. I think it's a 'futuristic' , which is quite amusing given what it's replacing.

I think the old and the new can work well together. I was looking at some pictures online recently of City Hall in London, down near Tower Bridge, and it's a very similar design actually to part of the Flamingo Land proposal."

Plans for the Flamingo Land attraction and (below) City Hall in London:


Flamingo Land Coast 2


city hall london

In 2017, Flamingo Land made a £25,000 donation to the Conservative Party. 

Listen to more of what Robert has to say here:



There are 4 comments on this page.

zara, on 20th February 2019 8:05am
I really really hope there are a lot of independent candidates out there at the next elections (local or national) because i am fed up of MPs like Mr Goodwill looking out for themselves and not bothering about what their constituents want. We are a small local seaside resort and will never be much else, location dictates that. We should be making the most of what we have which is a holiday resort for everyone and the people who come here are generally not interested in coming to a futuristic poor mans copy of London. We have a holiday cottage and the majority of the families and older people who visit do not often go into Scarborough as there is nothing much for them there. Yes the children like rides but they go for a day out to Flamingoland itself so they get a proper outing not battling through the traffic for a rollercoaster ride.. They use the beach at Filey as it is much nicer for the young ones. Mr Goodwill moves in the same kind of circles as Mr Gibb so it is no surprise he supports the proposal and its the kind of circle Mr Bastiman and his ilk would like to be..
Fileyman, on 20th February 2019 1:40pm
Robert Goodwill spouting rubbish again.

He doesn't want the public looking down a big hole.

So why knock the Futurist down.

He supported 100% the closure of Aberdeen Walk post office so does he want the public to look at a boarded up building.

JohnfromScarborough, on 20th February 2019 3:12pm
What is it with this man? Has he got an additional job acting as a spokesman for Flamingo Land? For that matter has Flamingo Land actually confirmed in recent weeks that they actually wish to carry out this development or are they just going through the motions for a bit of pre-election fun ?
JohnfromScarborough, on 21st February 2019 12:52am
City Hall cost £43m . Is that really the scale of the investment we can expect on this site? I would be v surprised.

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