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Scarborough Students Skip School To Join Youth Strike for Climate

Youth Strike for Climate Scarborough

Published by Karen Liu at 8:47am 16th February 2019. (Updated at 12:13pm 16th February 2019)

Students in Scarborough skipped school yesterday to join the Youth Strike for Climate. 

Yesterday (Friday 15th February) saw the first co-ordinated day of action across the UK.

Murray Robinson encouraged fellow pupils at his Scarborough school to join the youth strike.

He said:

“The way I see it is that we’re the generation that’s being told we have to change the world when the current leaders aren’t around anymore.

What’s the point of giving us this job if there’ll be no world to change?

There’s no planet B. I am fearful of the situation around us but we must all overcome this fear if we are to help the world.

After all, I’m only 15 and I don’t want to burn.”

His mum Claire Robinson said:

“I fully support my children, and indeed all children who choose to strike.

I see daily the anxiety my children feel, the fear and sense of helplessness when they see more and more information regarding climate change.

They are educated, aware and awake young people who feel the need to try and take control of a situation that will profoundly affect their futures.

They have made the decision to strike independently, but with the full support of myself and my husband.”

The climate strike movement started last August when schoolgirl Greta Thunberg staged a solo protest outside the Swedish parliament.

Now tens of thousands of pupils around the world have been inspired to take part in regular walk-outs for the climate.

The 16-year-old activist, who has addressed the UN, is not begging our leaders to do something, but warning them that people will - and that the price of inaction is a dead planet.

A spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion Scarborough said:

“Here in Scarborough, our council became one of the first in the UK to declare a climate emergency.

But we need to make those words mean something, which is why Extinction Rebellion and others like us continue to demand action to de-carbonise our transport and energy infrastructure and prepare for inevitable changes in the way we live our lives.

“To be sure, there will be more floods, more coastal erosion and more frequent and severe heatwaves in Yorkshire - much of it a direct consequence of climate change, which is already happening.

But we can do something to avert disaster if we act now and demand that others join us.”

The school strike was also supported by Frack Free Scarborough, among others, with speakers from various groups and parties invited to speak alongside our students. 

But the pupils did not just stage a protest, they also planned their own activities, such as a litter pick to highlight a throw-away society and its consequences for other species.

There is a meeting by Extinction Rebellion in the cafe at The Street at 7pm this Monday (18th February). 

It is open for anyone who supports their aims.

They are advising under 18's to seek permission from a parent or guardian. 

The group have young people aged 14 and over who attend the meetings. 


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