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"We've Listened To Concerns About Scarborough's Post Office"

Scarborough Post Office Abderdeen Walk

Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 6:06am 15th February 2019.

"We have listened to concerns about Scarborough's Post Office."

That's according to the company's Network and Sales Director Roger Gale. It comes as plans to close the branch on Aberdeen Walk and move it into the WHSmith on Westborough were confirmed this week. 

There had been a public consultation surrounding the issue, which gave the chance for local residents and businesses to share their concerns about the plans. 

Earlier this week, campaigners against it said the Post office had ignored the views of the people of Scarborough.

But Roger says that decision to move had already been made. He said:

"What the consultation was about was for customers and other interested parties to tell us their concerns and if there was anything we needed to take into account when we're moving the branches.

Was there anything we hadn't considered? Access for wheelchairs was one example of some concerns.

We have listened to what our customers have told us. We held a customer forum, so it's disappointing that customers feel we haven't listened, because we have."

Another concern was about what would happen to the staff in the current branch, with the plans for the new Post Office to cut the number of counters from seven to five. 

Roger added:

"They have a choice. They can either transfer across to work for the new branch in WHSmith, they can look to relocate within the business to other roles or other branches if that's possible, or some staff choose to take this opportunity to leave the business and pursue other opportunities elsewhere."





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zara, on 15th February 2019 7:38am
Well Mr Gale perhaps you should have been clearer about that on the 21st January 2019 when you spoke to Yorkshire Coast Radio, the words you used then was that you were "confident our proposal", which in any way you look at it infers that it was a proposal not a done deed. I actually took the time to take part in the consultation even though i knew it would be a waste of time, one can always live in hope - even when dealing with big business!!!!!!!
Fileyman, on 15th February 2019 3:58pm
Don't forget to thank Mr Robert Goodwill, the so called Scarborough Councillor who was elected to look after the borough rate payers.

Unbelievable that he voted FOR THE CLOSURE.

The man is a disgrace.

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