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DBID Action Group Meets in Whitby

DBID Action Group Meets in Whitby

Published by Jon Burke at 12:44pm 11th February 2019.

Business in Whitby are being encouraged to go to a meeting about the Yorkshire coast DBID scheme tonight.

It's being held by the Whitby And District BID Action Group, which is unhappy about the scheme which some companies have to contribute towards.

It sees firms contributing to a Yorkshire coast pot, to improve areas for tourism.

It's complaining about the lack of engagement before the ballot and has written to the Secretary of State in protest.

The meeting is at 7pm at the Friendship Rowing Club on Church Street and alternatives to the DBID will be considered.

Group member, Hero Sumner, said:

"Whitby, as a community, if one business suffers as a result of this, it affects everybody and if you look at the state of the High Streets and you start seeing businesses that are starting to fail, for whatever reasons, it has an impact on everybody.

Businesses are more than happy to support the town as a whole and they would rather give their money to the town council and get them to deal with it, rather than an outside body, which will charge enormous administration costs, which also eats into the budget."





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