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More Flamingo Land Scarborough Plans Revealed

More Flamingo Land Scarborough Plans Revealed

Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 1:41pm 5th February 2019. (Updated at 7:18am 6th February 2019)

Flamingo land has released images of how its site on Scarborough's South Bay may look.

A detailed planning application is currently being worked on. The attraction will go where the former Futurist Theatre used to stand before it was demolished last year.

A preliminary document, known as a screening report, has been submitted to Scarborough Borough Council, outlining the plans for Flamingo Land Coast.

Flamingo Land Coast 3

The council has asked for an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to be carried out, which is a normal part of the planning process, given the scale and nature of the application.

Flamingo Land says a public consultation event will be held in Scarborough in due course to give members of the public chance to give feedback on proposals and ask any questions they may have.

Gordon Gibb, chief executive, said:

“Flamingo Land is very much committed to creating a new, exciting family attraction in Scarborough and we are looking forward to sharing these plans with the public.”

Technical surveys have been carried out, in particular to assess the suitability of the slope at the back of the development area.

Flamingo Land Coast 2

Designs for the building are being drawn up - which reflect the original drawings released at the start of the bidding process.

Cllr Derek Bastiman, Leader of Scarborough Borough Council, said:

“We are delighted that Flamingo Land has submitted its screening report and revealed its initial, exciting plans for Flamingo Land Coast.

The proposed transformation of the former Futurist site into a state-of-the-art and extremely high quality attraction that exceeds the aspirations of today’s families would be a game changer for South Bay, Scarborough and indeed the whole of the Yorkshire coast.

We welcome Flamingo Land’s initiative to carry out its own public consultation prior to the planning application being submitted.

We look forward to the public being given the opportunity for dialogue and opinion both through their process and also through the statutory planning application consultation.”

Cllr Bastiman spoke to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Alex Taylor...


There are 10 comments on this page.

zara, on 5th February 2019 8:21pm
How anyone in their right minds can think that that monstrosity is in anyway suitable for that site is completely beyond me!!! Have they even given any consideration to the people who live in that area? The size is ridiculous and as for that oversized golf ball... How much of the gardens are the council intent on giving to Mr Gibb? I thought that the gardens were for the benefit of the people of Scarborough not Flamingo land and a bunch of their crony friends on the Council. The seafront and its businesses should be there for all ages and interests to enjoy, thats how you make money. What i hope is that David Walker and the planning committee have the backbone to stand up to the Council leader and his cohorts and say enough is enough, it is just not suitable for the site.
Andy Findlay, on 6th February 2019 8:46am
Totally agree with Zara. It's not in keeping with the area. We are now starting to become Blackpool of the East coast. I wonder how long it will be before this one is built? After all, they can't even get on with the cinema that we're supposed to be getting. Its time for a massive shake up at the council. Get this lot out and people in who care about where we live.
Parks, on 6th February 2019 11:17am
The same happened when the futurist was listed for demo, some ppl it seems are frightened, un-willing for change. The seafront used to be a really nice place to come to visit but over the years/decades it's been allowed to deteriate, it's looking very old, out dated and is in need of a face lift, not saying turn it into a east coast blackpool but to keep scarborough up there for the visitors something drastic needs to happen, something needs to change. Is this plan the right change, i'm not sure, but it's bright, clean looking and new. Is it not time for change, out with the old in with the new, something for the kids to go to instead of the 2p slots, something witch would be still relevant and anoth 10 years. As for it encroching into the gardens (as they call them), it's a waste of space, yes bigger numbers use it for like armed forces day etc but other than that never really see that many using it, not enough seating etc to use it so if say a 1/4 goes to add onto this new plan, so be it.
Lucylastik, on 6th February 2019 11:42am
There's a huge gulf of difference between building something new and exciting, and this... I don't know what to call it.

Garish and tacky don't quite cover it. It looks like one of those awful plastic hamster balls that people thought will be good for their pets. The idea seems a good one, but in the end, it's still pretty stupid, plasticky and pointless.

But you know what really angers me is this:
If I were to apply for planning permission to build something that ugly on my land, the Council would be up in arms with 20 reasons why it isn't in keeping with the area, potentially hazardous etc.

Well neither is this. The only reason they are pushing this through is money.

As Zara rightly pointed out, the gardens weren't part of the deal in the original planning permission so how are they getting shoe-horned in now?

Is that even legal?

Having something "clean looking and new" isn't a reason for building it, (Parks). I hate to point out the obvious but EVERYTHING is clean looking and new when it's first built, but a year in, with the North Wind, our native birds, and rain, this place will just become yet another eyesore and probably close.

This town needs a cinema. A "clean looking and new" one, with 3D capabilities, multi screens, comfy seats, a restaurant and bar.

ALL the things the FUTURIST could have had, with the proper investment and refurbishment.

Without the damage to neighbouring houses and businesses, at a fraction of the cost.

Not this monstrosity.
Alf Abbott, on 6th February 2019 12:40pm
I for one think this looks beautiful, it will be a shining beacon of regeneration this town desperately needs! It will bring in money, tourism and joy to residents and tourists alike! Scarborough is in great need of modernisation and this is step in the right direction!
wheely, on 6th February 2019 4:40pm
Alf Abbott this will bring in money, tourism???? first six months maybe but its a once seen and finished with attraction its its not going to change monthly same in year in year out The noise levels will bring JOY to the residents I dare you to knock on doors behind it and find out how much joy the residents will get get nearly 14/18 hrs a day 7 days a week , as for sitting enjoying the gardens beach etc with the air compressors firing off on the cliff face ride NO PEACE!!! and it will be heard ALL town!!
JohnfromScarborough, on 6th February 2019 2:23pm
Fine to have something modern looking, but why does it have to be so intrusive? Should take the lead from the new lifeboat house -modern but built using high quality materials so that it sits in harmony with its surroundings. Also, what happens if Flamingo Land walks away in a few years time if it does not get a good enough return on the scheme? Would anyone else want to take it over or will it be just be left to fester and become a much bigger eyesore than the Futurist before eventually being demolished . .
dobo54, on 6th February 2019 6:03pm
Is this something else that a friend of a friend is going to benefit from.
Big boy, on 6th February 2019 11:09pm
,South Bay pool,north bay pool,the balmoral (a listed building) the Brunswick the old pv the corner cafe,classics .all gone. White elephants, zoo marine land spa underground carpark open air theatre (yes council money or should I say our money) bleeding money the biggest up to date the alpermar next stop receivership and now this monstrosity,don't forget the cinema down peasholme, why didn't the council let Nicky shaw build one in the town centre no sorry, BUT a old nursery rhyme keeps comming to mind little jack Horner sat in a corner, if you don't know it Google it
Edd, on 7th February 2019 12:27pm
I had the pleasure of working with the council and yorkshire forward in the regeneration team, when we started Scarborough was a summer resort that mostly closed in winter, one of the main aims of regeneration was to create a 12 month 7 day a week venue.
We faced opposition from work proposed in the harbour to create a marina, support from businesses to modernise the sea front, we had vision for the likes of Woodend that was a closed museum, the whole slant on regeneration was to update the town and make it sustainable for the future. I feel we achieved this, Scarbrough is one of the most visited seaside resorts in the country, I do agree the town can not stand still and needs to adapt to modern visitors desires, however the proposals put forward by Flamingo land are of the past, roller coasters and tacky buildings on what is a prime site on a sea front is not what the town requires . The town does not need a Blackpool style amusement on the this site.Some of the things we could possibly do is apply for listed building status for the St Nicholas gardens and the Victorian shelter and balcony, not sure if this is possible but should be explored.
I am not against development of the Futurist site it had run its course but surely with some imagination and initiative a better use for the site can be developed to provide a high standard of entertainment and visitor attractions..

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