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Scarborough MP Says Cinema Must Happen

Scarborough MP Says Cinema Must Happen

Published by Jon Burke at 6:31am 30th January 2019. (Updated at 11:19am 30th January 2019)

Scarborough's MP says he wants the cinema planned for the North Bay to happen.

We told you last week developers Benchmark Leisure hope the multiplex will open in 2020.

But its Chief executive Roland Duce won't guarantee it, saying anything could happen in the uncertainty of the current economic climate.

Robert Goodwill said:

"The economy is booming. We have record employment. With the weather we had last summer, we had absolutely fantastic numbers of visitors coming to Scarborough. Scarborough is on the up. That's why we need to have a cinema, so that people, either on a day when it might happen to be raining, or indeed during the evenings, they can go along to the cinema.

We've long wanted a state-of-the-art, modern  multiplex cinema. The old cinema, certainly the Hollywood Plaza, is a little bit tired and people complain to me it's not quite the same sort of facility as they have in York, or Leeds, or Hull. So I'm looking forward to that happening and anything I can do to bring pressure to bear to make sure that will happen, I think is very important indeed."


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OlPeculier, on 30th January 2019 9:15am
Atrocious comment to make about the Plaza. Attacking a small, locally run business isn't the way to win support me thinks.
zara, on 30th January 2019 11:46am
Actually people are 'a little tired' of your pointless interviews Mr Goodwill. Instead of saying that anything you can do to put pressure to bear just do it!!!!
Fileyman, on 30th January 2019 1:34pm
According to Robert Goodwill the economy is booming and unemployment is at rock bottom.
What planet is this man from.

But of course he supports it because it's not his money at risk.
Alison Borg, on 30th January 2019 2:03pm
I've just heard his statement...I'm sure he actually called it 'The Hollywood Bowl', really? Please at least get the name correct. Someone has kindly edited it on here but he definitely got it wrong.
JohnfromScarborough, on 1st February 2019 1:09pm
Mr Goodwill should tell us how by spending money to build the multiplex cinema Benchmark will be in a better position to pay back the £9M loan from SBC -aka the Council tax payers.

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