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Scarborough's Alpamare Needed Change Says MP

Scarborough's Alpamare Needed Change Says MP

Published by Jon Burke at 6:31am 28th January 2019.

Scarborough's MP says Alpamare hadn't thought enough about the off-season before it got into financial difficulty.

We've told you recently how the operator was facing a winding up order over a £700,000 debt to British Gas.

Other creditors include site owners Benchmark Leisure, which is owed £2.8 million, another gas company and an electricity supplier.

It successfully filed for a Company Voluntary Order and restructured its debts, allowing it to continue running the water park.

But it's reduced its opening times to weekends and holidays, although it's intended that a new Wellness Spa will open through the year.

Robert Goodwill said:

"I think the summer footfall and number of customers has been along expectations and they were very pleased with that. I think what they possibly haven't factored in is how seasonal a resort that Scarborough is and that there may be some local people that use it regularly, but it isn't the sort of facility you go to if you're wanting to train for the Olympics. We've got the Sports Village for that."


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Fileyman, on 28th January 2019 8:16am
So Robert Goodwill is telling us the obvious. Massive debts that will take forever to pay.

How much is SBC owed.
ouranne, on 28th January 2019 9:15am
At the meeting in the Grand Hotel, many people turned up and voiced their concerns regarding the off season period.
Many, including myself, said that they would have to have discounted rates to attract locals and any trade off season.
This was dismissed, saying it works in Switzerland!
Their disposable income is far greater than ours.
This is possibly THE most unenvironmantally friendly attraction they could have possibly built.
Its running costs are way above their income, the 9m loan from SBC has been missed out of those figures too.
Will never make money .
zara, on 28th January 2019 9:21am
Or, Mr Goodwill, they just had not factored in the high cost of going to the waterpark for local people. Its one thing paying those prices on holiday but a completely different scenario for regular use. Normal working people want something they can afford to pay, not all of us have large disposable income.

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