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Scarborough Footfall Drops By Nearly A Quarter According To Figures

Scarborough Footfall Drops By Nearly A Quarter According To Figures

Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 6:04am 13th December 2018.

Figures show footfall in Scarborough town centre has dropped by nearly a quarter in the first week of December, compared to the same time last year.

Numbers seen by Yorkshire Coast Radio from Scarborough Borough Council, state that from Saturday 2 December - Friday 8 December 2017, footfall was 151,065.

But in the same period this year, that had fallen to 116,261, a drop of 23%.

footfall 2017

footfall 2018


However, that's something that Councillor Heather Phillips, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, disputes:

"I'm somewhat surprised by this because our own figures are from Scarborough Borough Council and the company we use say there's been a 7.5% decrease for the same period.

The regeneration people who run the figures through are adamant it's 7.5 % and I can give reasons for that, but I'm not sure why there would be such a discrepancy of such magnitude.

There are various reasons for footfall and it always happens at this time of year because of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and people are also holding back to see what bargains they can get just before Christmas."

You can hear more from Councillor Phillips below:

The statistics were presented at a recent Chamber of Trade Meeting.

Councillor Janet Jefferson-who represents the Castle Ward-is President of the Chamber of Trade, she said:

"Well I'm looking at the figures and from 1 December-7 December it was 116,000 for this year.

The same period last year was 151,000 so I'm afraid it's more than 7.5% isn't it? In 2017, the total footfall from last week in October to the first week in December 874,080. 

This year, which included half-term week, there was 755,290 and this caused concern within the Chamber members."

Listen to more from Councillor Jefferson here:


The recent town centre strategy meetings which took place focused on footfall and how to keep more people coming. 

Councillor Phillips added:

"The meetings have been amazing and I'm very encouraged by the responses we've had. 

The next process is to then collate the information we've been given to make sure we've got as broader view as possible."




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JohnfromScarborough, on 13th December 2018 12:03pm
If they want to reverse the trend some decent Christmas lights would be a start.

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